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Everybody loves cupcakes…

Everybody loves cupcakes

vanilla cupcakes

Here at Nuts About Cakes, we believe that everybody loves cupcakes. They are small, pretty, and taste yummy! Hundreds of cupcakes are made daily here at our HQ. We know how much you love them and so do we. Did you know you can get a Giant cupcake for celebrations? They are not like regular cakes, they come in one size only, they have a high top that is smothered with cream and are sure to steal the show on any occasion. Some of our faves are featured are available to buy online and you can order here

there’s a cupcake for every occasion

While bakers around the world owe a great deal to Ms. Leslie, cupcakes have come a long way since 1828. Now, there’s a cupcake for every occasion! Sure, it’s hard to beat classic vanilla cupcakes or chocolate cupcakes, but it’s possible to do so much more with pastries. Craving something light in the summertime? A delicious, airy lemon meringue or lemonade cupcake is the perfect camping companion. Celebrating a birthday? Nothing quite beats a classic birthday cake-inspired cupcake! In fact, cupcakes are so versatile that chefs have even come up with recipes for savory cupcakes. From meatloaf and mashed potatoes to Frito pie to lasagna, a cupcake is a great idea for any meal.

they’re shareable

Bring in a batch of freshly-baked cupcakes and count the number of seconds before people’s eyes light up. Due to their small, easy-to-transport nature, cupcakes have long been a great way to cheer people up or brighten any occasion. You won’t even need to choose between flavors, anymore. While choosing the right cake to make can be a chore, most cupcake shops will let you mix and match. You can get a great selection of all sorts of flavors so everyone can try a little bit of everything. Of course, if you decide that sharing isn’t quite your style at the moment, we’re not here to judge.